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Hey Latinas!!! My name is Ms Laydee, I'm from New Jersey and I am a latina lesbiana. LOL. Just wanted to come by and say hello and introduce myself. I am 22 years old, in a happy/healthy relationship for over a year now. I am still living with my parental, soon to be out actually. Looking to move down to DC or MD. Girlfriend will be in the U.S. Air Force, so I will be there by her side to support her. Hopefully she will get stationed in either DC, VA, MD or DE. LET'S PRAY! I work for a LARGE hotel chain and I am very well educated. I'm blonde hair, brown eyed, pure seduction. I love to laugh, joke around and be as silly as possible. I am VERY much hated by all, so if you hate me...THANKS!!! 1 more stupid bytch to add to my "Hate me fan club"...WOW, that sucka grows everyday! *wink* Sarcastic you say..?!! Uh, duh!!! Get at me. Pics below for your viewing pleasure! MUAH all my latinas!!

I'm NOT bossy!
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